Pivot Twentyfour 12

I was just hanging on, looking for reasons to stop. I’d thrown up and was drifting down the field, after a good start. I was only five hours into a twelve-hour race.

24th Sep

Andalucía Bike Race 2016

After a failed attempt at the Andalucia Bike Race two years ago, this time I had to finish this six day mountain bike stage race covering 450km and with 14,000 metres of climbing.

07th Mar

Top cycling experiences from 2015

2015 was about rediscovering my passion for two wheels and trying new cycling experiences.

05th Jan

Nire Valley Drop

The Nire valley Drop - The best mountain bike sportive in Ireland

29th Oct

Hero to zero – Andalucia Bike Race 2014

Ever wondered what it would be like to race your bike everyday, like a professional? I found out as I rode The Andalucia Bike Race 2014, a six day event with sublime singletrack, big climbs and dizzying descents.

06th Mar

Looking back at 2013 and ahead to 2014

On the third anniversary of my road traffic accident, I'm looking back at treasured memories form a sunny Summer of racing in 2013, and to big plans for 2014, starting with the Andalucia Bike Race on the 23rd of February.

15th Jan
Hadleigh rock drop

Bringing home silverware at Bristol Bikefest

Half-arsed Racer teamed up with Scott Cornish, physio, Tech Ed for Cyclist No. 1, and endurance rider for GoreBikeWare and together brought home some silverware at the Bristol Bikefest.

13th Jun
Bristol Bikefest, Half-dressed Racer, xc Racer, mtb

Bikram for bikers?

Bikram may suit more goal-orientated individuals who seek focus and have a desire to push their limits of endurance. If you're a cyclist like me, then there's good reason to endure the heat, as I found out the following day on my bike.

27th Nov

Pro Tips with Paul Millard – Fitness Trainer

Expert fitness trainer, Paul Millard talks kettlebells, training pitfalls, whilst recommending a one hundred year old book for all you need to know about fitness.

11th Nov
George Hackenschmidt

Lessons learned in getting back in the saddle

In getting back in the saddle, I've made mistakes and had the odd success. Here's what I've learned on the way.

23rd Oct
British Mountain Bike Series, Hopton Woods