Hi, I’m Alan!


I love to race mountain bikes. Up hill, down dale and all around the South West. I’ve been mountain biking since 2006, when a friend invited me to bike with him. Little did I know that by biking, he meant throwing me down the side of the famous Gondola, Queenstown, New Zealand, where we were staying at the time. This notorious decent is challenging enough for the Atherton’s to use it for training. I hit every tree on the way down and was hooked. It’s been my passion ever since.

Having not pushed a pedal last year after a serious accident, 2012 has been my come back year. I feel privileged to have had the support and expert advice of so many great sports folk in and around Bristol. They’ve made my come back quicker and easier. I have become a Nationally ranked xc racer again, finishing 27th in the National Series in a very competitive Vets category, with two top twenties in the last two rounds, after a slow start to the season. I’ve had three cheeky podiums this year. The last of which was at the Stans Notubes Oktoberfest, riding for Velocite Bikes, with Gary Lake (Cyclist No1), Maxine Filbey and Bruce Kerridge. Gary gives a great write up on the event here. This may sound impressive, but to be honest, I’ve yet to win a race.

I’m already thinking about 2013 and riding some superb courses as part of the National Series, including Hadleigh Farm, the London 2012 venue. My aim for next year is simple:

    • Go faster
    • Be fully committed
    • Train and race smart
    • Enjoy it

I suspect I’m being narcissistic in creating this blog. I feel compelled to share my passion for cycling. Please excuse me if I come across as self-indulgent. My hope is that there is some vague relevance to other mountain and road cyclists out there in what I write. The only way I’ll know that for sure, is to hear from you, which is the real reason this blog exists.


Stans Notubes Oktoberfest podium photo

Settling for 2nd place, behind the Torq youths, at the Stans Notubes Oktoberfest, 2012.

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